Saturday, October 16, 2010

Liquid Geometry Presents:Haloa

Liquid Geometry Presents:Haloa

Saturday, November 6 · 12:00pm - 5:00am
Ocotillo Desert
(The exact Location will be announce a few days before the event)
Make sure you pay attention!!!

Wild Pack of Canaries
Lord Juggernaut
Brown and Blue
Lazy Mary
Fort Wife
Sludge Butt
Demon Slayer
No Hablo
The Jerry Olea Trio
New Lights by Dead Vines
Healing Mystical Science Collective
Little Desert
Tan Sister Radio
Incognito Sofa Love

Haloa is being held in honor of the birth of Dionysus. As such, it will be a time for humanity to unite under the spirit of SHEDDING our humanity and acquiescing to the primal instincts innately held in us all.

Haloa is free. We look to entirely drop the commerce-based societal dogma in favor of adapting to a resource-based bartering system. Bring things to share such as water, beer, food, and gifts.

Prepare to camp overnight. We will create a village of tents.

The idea is to have a collective of creative minds working together to show each other ideas, concepts, philosophies, and emotions that we all experience but simultaneously lack the ability to fully comprehend.

Things we need:
- Live Artists
- Light Sculptures
- Lights
- A sub
- Photographers
- Videographers



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